Convenient & Effective

Our operable partitions are used to divide meeting rooms, conference rooms, restaurant and banquet halls etc. We provide convenient and effective space management solutions, with panels that move on a ceiling track with no requirement of floor guides or rails. Our solutions have been extensively applied to the hotel industry.  

Our latest carrier is made by dupont POM material (polyormaldehyde) to meet its best wear resistance. The high carbon chromium bearing steel has reached a strength standard of 8.8 grade, and can greatly improve the durability and lifetime of operable partition system.


Our double corrosion resistant aluminium track systems are easier to install and maintain. Extruding enables each section to have a uniform shape for superior end-to-end alignment. each capacity-certified track is of extruded architectural grade clear anodised 6063-T6 aluminium.


Glass wool, a typical porous sound-absorbing material, is of perfect performance in reducing both reverberation time and indoor noise, there’re great number of tiny pores and fluffy staggered fibres inside. Characteristics of our glass wool: fire retardant, light volume-weight, high coefficient of acoustic absorption and so on. the sound absorbing effect is closely relevant to thickness and density of glass wool itself. Different from other manufacturers in the same industry, Seasons Rhythm has used 55kg/m3 high density glass wool instead of those of 24kg/m3, and its products prove to have better sound insulator performance.